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Mesoscale Discussions

The Weather Services' Storm Prediction Center issues mesoscale discussions when significant weather events are occurring, or are likely to occur in the next few hours. Significant weather includes thunderstorms, tornadoes, and heavy snowfall or rainfall. These discussions are used to alert local forecasters and area residents of upcoming weather conditions that will affect them. They supplement the center's watches and warnings.

By the way, Mesoscale is a meteorology term referring to a weather event that affects an area ranging from one square mile to several hundred square miles. It's in the middle, between a microscale weather event, which would affect an area of just a few blocks, and synoptic scale event, which affects a much larger area, such as a low pressure system.

Meso Number Concerning Valid Expires
0597   SEVERE POTENTIAL...WATCH POSSIBLE Wed Dec 31 1969 7:00 PM EST Wed Dec 31 1969 7:00 PM EST