DC to get Record Snow This Weekend

The weather news this weekend is the predicted record-breaking snow in the Baltimore-Washington area. Atlantans are famous for stocking up on bread and toilet paper whenever the white stuff is predicted to fall, but apparently it’s just as bad in DC, except there they are stocking up on bottled water and liquor.

And then there’s this forecast:

A three foot snowstorm is never a lot of fun – especially when last week’s snow is still on the ground. In 1077, I was living in Meadville, Pennsylvania, which is about 90 miles north of Pittsburgh. We got three feet of snow over a two day period, and I had to walk to work in it (or maybe it was wade to work in it). At the time, I was working as a newscaster on the local radio station. ABC radio news called from New York for a snow report. I think that was the only time I ever made an appearance on a national radio news broadcast.

As of 11 PM, it looks like snowfall between 4 and 18 inches has been reported in the Virginia/DC/Maryland/West Virginia area. The show is expected to last through Saturday night.


One Response to “DC to get Record Snow This Weekend”

  1. Kathy Zipperer Says:

    Wow — you are old! Living in PA in 1077. Just kidding of course.

    Certainly am glad that the rain was only rain here and not ice/snow like the east coast is getting.

    re: your post about the groundhog: I think all the science points to cold and wet thru April, but there are two many birds making nests. I saw my first flock of cedar wax-wings at the end of January and I usually don’t see any until mid-to-late February. Do I plant lettuce and peas or do I wait?