A Climate Change Scandal?

Last week, someone managed to access emails and other information from the Climate Research Unit of Britain’s University of East Anglia. The CRU is charged by the British Met Office to investigate global warming, and is responsible for much of the research into the field. These emails and files were posted to a public site, and the evidence they provide does not reflect well on the scientific method of the researchers.

Among other things, the files show that CRU scientists and their partners across the world tried to silence those who didn’t agree with the CO2/Global warming theory, tried to prevent others from accessing the data they used to make their predictions and used methods to falsify data that was later presented to the United Nations IPCC. Officials with the university confirm that information was taken from their servers, and the emails, etc. appear to be genuine.

If all this is true, it poses a real problem for the scientific community and for the theory that climate change/global warming is a big problem.

Here are some links to more information:

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There’s a lot more out there, if you search for it. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, especially with the Copenhagen talks coming up next month.


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