‘Backward’ Storm Brings Rain, Hail to Gwinnett County

It looks like much of Gwinnett and Atlanta is getting needed rainfall this evening, as a relatively unexpected storm system moved in. Here in South Gwinnett, I’ve recorded .91 inches of rain. During the most intense parts of the storm, I saw quarter-sized hail, and for a period of about 20 minutes, hail ranging from the size of Kix cereal to the size of a jellybean fell.

This system is a bit unusual, in that it moved from northeast to southwest, the opposite of most systems. In a bit of a reverse of the fairly common cold air damming, a cold pool of air in the upper atmosphere came south, and ran into the warmer, moist air from the southwest that was already in place, causing the storms and hail. Typically, storms move from west to east, following the prevailing wind patterns.

The cold pool will be south of us tomorrow, reducing the chance of rain. However, it looks like we are in a fairly normal summer pattern, which is good news for the drought. If we get an inch or rain like this every week, even though there will be a deficit, the excessively dry conditions will be a thing of the past.


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